Sunday, October 28, 2012

Free Ebooks Round-Up

Free Ebook listings! Three ebooks available for free through a variety of formats.
The first is a mini compilation of one-night trips to take with kids around Ohio and the surrounding states. From amusement parks to museums and historical sites, there should be something for everyone.

 One Night Trips with Kids: Ohio and Surrounding States by Erin Thomas
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The next ebook, "Making Thanksgiving Meaningful: Kid-Centered Activities for the Holidays" explores 20 wonderful family Thanksgiving activities.
 Cover for 'Making Thanksgiving Meaningful: Kid-Centered Activities for the Holidays'

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 The third ebook is a collection of recipes for Thanksgiving: "Turkey Time: Recipes for a Home Cooked Thanksgiving".
 Turkey Time: Recipes for a Home Cooked Thanksgiving Meal by Erin Thomas
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  2. Thanks for the info! We love taking trips and will definitely be looking at different activities we can get our two year old involved in.

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